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Microsoft and WiFi network in Portland, Ore.

In one of the latest moves of Microsoft, which apparently targets to even more potential audience, designs a new WiFi pilot project to push MSN content and services to wireless users – and to generate advertising revenue.

In this latest article in TechNews World the new project as it is described, is based on the deal the software company to publish its content over MetroFi’s WiFi network in Portland, Oregon USA.

MetroFi will operate the Portland WiFi network, which is modelled on the wireless broadband networks will push MSN content through its network. As in other communities, the Portland MetroFi network will transmit data via access points mounted on streetlight poles throughout the city. WiFi-enabled users will access the network at broadband-like speeds — up to 1 Mbps downstream bandwidth and as much as 256 Kbps upstream.

It is quite clear throughout the article that the funding and financial viability of projects like the proposed, are still under consideration though two main streams for founding for the “free” WiFi municipality networks are emerging.

  • The advertisement based cost model
  • The corporate sponsorships

You can read the whole article on:

TechNews World