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2006 Digital States Winners are Announced in US

The 25 most digitally–advanced state governments in U.S.A. have been identified by the Center for Digital Government. The Digital States Survey, conducted by the Center, is a comprehensive study that examines best practices, policies and progress made by state governments in their use of digital technologies to better serve their citizens and streamline operations.

2006 Digital States Survey Top 25

  • 1st Michigan
  • 2nd Virginia
  • 3rd Ohio
  • 4th Utah
  • 5th Arizona
  • 6th Arkansas
  • 7th South Dakota
  • 8th Kentucky
  • 9th Wisconsin
  • 10th Tennessee
  • 11th Minnesota
  • 12th Maryland
  • 13th Mississippi
  • 14th Nebraska
  • 15th Massachusetts
  • 16th tie California
  • 16th tie Washington
  • 17th Texas
  • 18th New York
  • 19th tie Illinois
  • 19th tie Kansas
  • 20th Pennsylvania
  • 21st Nevada
  • 22nd tie Georgia
  • 22nd tie North Carolina
  • 23rd North Dakota
  • 24th Colorado
  • 25th Alabama
  • Digital States is the Unites States only sustaining survey of state governments’ use of technology in serving the citizen. The all-new 2006 Digital States Survey provides a benchmark for the next generation of digital service delivery and reflects contemporary citizen expectations and the technologies used to meet them.

    In June, the Center invited all state governors and their chief information officers to participate in the revised 2006 Digital States Survey. With more than 70 measurements in four broad areas–service delivery, architecture and infrastructure, collaboration, and leadership – this year’s survey is the first report on the transition of states to digital government since the 2004 elections.

    The survey is just one of a series of national studies conducted by the Center that examine best practices and IT innovations in government. City and county governments, along with school boards and community colleges, are also surveyed throughout the year.
    The Digital States Survey is conducted biennially in even-numbered years, providing a longer horizon in assessing state progress.

    For more information on the 2006 Digital States Survey, contact Rob Carlson at 916/932-1430 or rcarlson@centerdigitalgov.com.


    Center for Digital Goverment