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The Business of Innovation

businessofinnovation.jpgThe Business of Innovation is a series of 5 one-hour programmes produced by CNBC which explores in-depth on of the most important topics in the business world today – Innovation.

Each program explores a different aspect of Innovation using CNBC’s global newsgathering capabilities, well-known current and former CEO’s and innovation experts to dissect the topic and provide guidance for viewers seeking to innovate in their own organizations.

The Series

Innovators & Iconoclasts
Episode 1 examines at how some companies have gone about creating such a culture and look at some of the pitfalls facing young organizations as they seek to grow and mature.
Revolution & Evolution
Episode 2 examines how some companies manage to innovate while others in their same industry struggle to learn the secrets to their success.
New Tricks & Old Dogs
Episode 3 examines how successful companies use their customers to innovate. The expert panel offers ways in which customers can be used as a resource as well as methods useful in bringing reluctant customers into the innovation process.
People & Technology
Episode 4 presents some examples of technologies that were adapted to new uses. RFID technology for example was begun as a way of tracking medical supplies and equipment, but many hospitals now use it to track patients. It also examines the downside of technology and the idea that it isn’ t the best technology that always wins the race. The expert panel offers advice on how technology can help drive innovation and how a company that wants to innovate can overcome the hurdles in the way of adoption.
Loners & Teammates
Episode 5 will examine how the most innovative companies continue to train and maintain their workforce and look close-up at one of the most difficult organizations to innovate within. The CEO guests will weigh in on how they have or haven’ t been able to overcome the demands of this ever-changing workforce and the experts lend advice on how to manage the problem across continents and generations.