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Startup 2.0 Awards for European Websites

StartUp2.0 LogoStartUp2.0 is a competition of European web 2.0 sites whose objectives are to promote and reward the European startups   that work in the field of 2.0 technologies.

The event is organized by Alianzo, Spri and La Caixa, and sponsored by Madrid+d.

Any person or company from a European country having developed a web 2.0 site, either as a startup company or just as a personal project, can take part in the contest.

Startup 2.0 participants must also be up and running, and receiving 50% of their traffic from their blog, a wiki, a mashup, pages developed with Ajax, feeds, or social networks in order to participate.

Contest Procedure

  1. Sites must be submitted before May, 5th.
  2. The technical committee and Internet users will vote for all sites and select 15 among them. These nominees will be officially presented in an event in Madrid on May, 10th. Each project’s team will have 5 minutes to present its website.
  3. People coming to the Madrid event together with the jury will select the 5 finalists.
  4. These 5 finalists will present their project in an event in Bilbao on May, 24th. Each team will have 15 minutes to present its website. The jury will question them and select the 3 winners. Prizes will be given that same day.


  1. Trip to Cambridge to assist to a one-week training program at the Center for Entrepreneurial Learning
  2. A 2-week advertisement in Techcrunch, the world’s largest Web 2.0 publication
  3. Public exposition of the project in the e-Business Global Forum
  4. Technical material



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