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iBridge Network Links Ideas & Innovation

iBridge NetworkThe iBridge Network provides the transparency and access to university developed innovations that will lead to further advances and next-generation products. The Network aggregates research materials, technologies, and discoveries in an online, easy-to-search forum’”the iBridge Web site.

Universities may use the iBridge Web site to license and distribute a variety of items, including software, research tools, databases, teaching materials, surveys, and reference materials. Postings may include a variety of research materials and descriptions of ongoing research activities.

Through the site, researchers and commercial end-users can easily search for and obtain what they need. Users can bookmark pages and make notations for personal reference at a later date. Additionally, some purchases can be made on the site.

This dynamic, real-time exchange of ideas and innovations across multiple universities has the potential to spawn a host of cutting-edge technology, products, and services that might otherwise never be launched.

The Network was launched at DEMO 07, the premier launch venue for new products, technologies and companies.

I am delighted that the Kauffman Innovation Network is launching the iBridge Network at DEMO. Technology, combined with the power of relationships, is ultimately what leads to a successful launch of new innovation into the marketplace. The ability to access innovations and build social networks at the same time ensures that the iBridge Network will lead to some fascinating discoveries. I wouldn’ t be surprised if we see some of those breakthroughs play out at future DEMO events.

said Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMO.

Universities are tremendous wellsprings of knowledge. By encouraging widespread access to information and linking researchers with interested parties, we are hoping to more fully realize the innovation potential that research offers.

said Laura Dorival Paglione, Director of the Kauffman Innovation Network, which manages the iBridge Network.

Using similar approach URENIO Research Unit has developed the Digital Research Center for Cooperative Innovation, combining:

  • access of public and private organisations to R&D results created from the academic and research institutions of the region
  • guides and tools facilitating new product development, licensing, spin-off creation, and the management of quality