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Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program

Microsoft Startup Accelerator ProgramThe Microsoft Emerging Business Team has announced a new program for innovative software startups around the world. The Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program helps high potential startups accelerate their partnership with Microsoft.

The Program is designed to help high potential software startups around the globe get access, guidance and support to accelerate their success on the Microsoft platform. Selected participants receive customized engagement plans to support their software development, business and market development efforts.

Companies are selected to join the program based on their innovation, high growth potential, funding, platform decision and strategic importance to Microsoft.

The Startup Accelerator program will provide;

  • Access to Premier Support people to help solve problems quickly
  • Provide free or discounted software licenses and subscriptions
  • Early access to beta software and new technologies
  • Free access to Microsoft Technology Centers for consulting and testing
  • Introduction to appropriate product and marketing teams inside Microsoft
  • Success stories
  • Inclusion in Microsoft marketing campaigns
  • And lots more


Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program

Via Don Dodge