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Economist Special Report on Innovation

Economist Special Report on InnovationThe Economist has published a special report on innovation. The magazine spotlights on the open innovation – the notion of looking for bright ideas outside of an organisation. It provides a good, and critical overview featuring among others Professor Eric von Hippel, head of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Larry Page, co-founder of Google.

Report’s Contents

  • Something new under the sun – Innovation, long the preserve of technocratic elites, is becoming more open.
  • Revving up – How globalisation and information technology are spurring faster innovation.
  • Can dinosaurs dance? – Responding to the Asian challenge.
  • A dark art no more – Like management methods before it, innovation is turning from an art into a science.
  • The love-in – The move toward open innovation is beginning to transform entire industries.
  • The fading lustre of clusters – The best thing that governments can do to encourage innovation is get out of the way.
  • The age of mass innovation – We are all innovators now.