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Vision of Small Business in 2017

Intuit Future of Small Business ReportThe Intuit Future of Small Business Report authored by the Institute for the Future, is a three-part study that examines significant trends affecting small business over the next decade.

The Part One entitled “The Changing Face of Entrepreneurs”, published on January 2007, focuses on the changing face of entrepreneurship, in which the most diverse pool of entrepreneurs will drive American small business. The report looks at who they are and the factors driving them’”everything from job insecurity to early entrepreneurial education.

The Part Two entitled “The Connected World of Entrepreneurs” published on June 2007, examines the technologies that will propel and transform the small business sector. The report finds that social connectivity, wireless networks and mobile communications and computing devices are redefining the boundaries of presence and location, affording entrepreneurs the flexibility to do business virtually anywhere.

The Part Three entitled “The New Entrepreneurial Economy” published on February 2008, reveals that concepts from the first and second report installments are shaping an environment where small businesses can thrive. The report addresses small business collaboration with big business, access to enhanced computing power and a global marketplace.