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Autodesk Launches Digital Cities Initiative

autodesk-digital-cities.jpgAutodesk, a world leader in 2D and 3D technologies, launches a new initiative trying to define a new technology vision for digital cities.

Imagine the potential of digital cities. Imagine a collaborative environment created around intelligent high-fidelity 3D digital models of existing and proposed infrastructure. Imagine a combined digital ecosystem that can capture, analyze, and visualize projects on a city and regional scale’”an open platform that supports secure and robust integration of CAD; building information modeling (BIM); and geospatial, simulation, and visualization data.

The following outline of the vision is being presented on the Autodesk’ s website:

  • A combined and computable digital and visual model of a city and its communities, its infrastructure, its past, and its future.
  • A digital platform that can synthesize, analyze, simulate, and communicate existing and proposed developments from different points of view’”and points in time.
  • An innovative solution that allows agencies, developers, and design professionals to communicate, collaborate, and deliver projects in a more effective’”and engaging’”way.
  • A business tool to better plan, see, sell, and operate sustainable development essential for tomorrow’ s high-performance cities and economies.