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AMI@Work Collaborative Innovation

amiwork.jpgThe AMI@Work Family of Communities is a network of specialists representing several organizations involved in collaborative innovation.  The communities five key constructing pillars are self-organisation, independence, human centrism, virtual, and voluntary character,  and the main objective is declared by the Family’ s name: AMI@Work’ s which stood for AMbient Intelligence AT Work, and now  indicates AMbient Innovation AT Work.

The communities represent potential cross-fertilising technology themes and challenging validation environments with a significant technological, economic and societal impact.  

The current structure of the AMI@Work Communities builds on the four core innovation domains, indispensable from the point of view of the collaborative working environments: (1) Health/Well-being/Inclusion, (2) Manufacturing/Engineering/Logistics, (3) Media/Content, and (4) Rural areas/economy/society. These four vertical domains should be perceived through the context of open collaboration and regional development. In addition to them, another ‘“ horizontal domain has been recognised, (5) Technologies for Innovation and Next Generation Services. Innovations in this cross-cutting, horizontal domain are enablers for any progress in the vertical layers.

The enhanced AMI@Work structure mirrors the aforementioned domains and encompasses the most active Communities from those that have existed so far: eHealth@Work , engineering@work, media@work, and rural@work. The fifth Community ‘“ technology@work merges the current collaboration@work, knowledge@work and mobility@work Communities.

The Family has opened collaboration with the Living Labs Open Innovation Community (which, actually, was born and brought up within the ‘˜old’ AMI structures), that also extends horizontally across the four key domains.

Source: AMI@Work