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Regional Innovation Benchmarking

guidebook-regional-innopolicy-ass-and-bench.jpgA  new guidebook on regional benchmarking was produced by the IRE Secretariat, which provides an overview of the methodologies developed by eight regional innovation policy impact assessment and benchmarking projects carried out during 2005-2008. The projects on which the guidebook is based are ARISE, EMERIPA, EURO-COOP, IASMINE, IMPACTSCAN, INNOWATCH, MERIPA, and OMEN.

The focus of the Guidebook  is to introduce innovation policy impact assessment and benchmarking at the regional level. This document is targeted at two audiences: on the one hand it is aimed at the large community of professionals who have different roles in regional innovation policy who may not have been much involved in evaluations yet, but who would like to have an overview on concepts, approaches and practical implementation of impact assessment and benchmarking.

Download the  Guidebook:  guidebook-reginnopolassbench.pdf

Source: Innovating Regions of Europe Network