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Strategy: Singapore-Intelligent Nation 2015

Intelligent Nation 2015 (iN2015) is Singapore’s 10 year strategy and master plan to realise the potential of innovation and information society over the next decade. Led by IDA and sector-focused committees, the strategy covers seven key economic sectors of the region and three horizontal areas: (1) Digital media and entertainment;

(2) Education and learning; (3) Financial services; (4) Healthcare and biomedical sciences; (5) Manufacturing and logistics; (6) Tourism, hospitality and retail; (7) Government; (8) Infocomm infrastructure and services; (9) Enterprise development for infocomm companies; and (10) Infocomm manpower development.

 In each sector a planning Committee has been set, which in consultation with the public has elaborated the 10-year plan that reaffirms the strategic role of Infocomm as differentiator and enabler of innovation and globalization.

Source: IDA