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Handbook of Collective Intelligence

MIT Center for Collective Intelligence logoThe Handbook of Collective Intelligence, hosted by the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, provides a survey of the field of collective intelligence, summarizing what is known, providing references to sources for further information, and suggesting possibilities for future research.

The handbook is structured as a wiki, a collection of on-line pages, editable by their readers.
Unlike Wikipedia this handbook is not structured as a “flat’ collection of interlinked, but conceptually independent, short articles. Instead, this handbook is intended to provide a conceptual framework for the whole field of collective intelligence.

According to the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, the process of creating this handbook could itself be an example of collective intelligence.

We hope that the top level of this framework will be written in a way that is understandable to a very broad general audience. At many points in this framework, however, we expect to have links to separate pages that elaborate on specific points or issues. Often, these separate pages will include specialized material and references for one or more of the many different fields related to collective intelligence. Even though some of this specialized material may be understandable only by specialists, it should be introduced so that other readers will at least be able to understand the basic issues involved.

Table of contents

  1. Why study collective intelligence now?
  2. What is collective intelligence?
  3. Examples of collective intelligence
  4. Measuring collective intelligence and the factors that affect it
  5. What factors facilitate collective intelligence?
  6. What factors inhibit collective intelligence?
  7. Perspectives on collective intelligence
  8. Techniques for enhancing collective intelligence


MIT Center for Collective Intelligence: Handbook of Collective Intelligence