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Video: Digital Business Ecosystems

The concept of Digital Business Ecosystems refers to business ecosystems composed of buyers, suppliers and makers of related products and services in which the use of ICT enable the optimal use of local assets and the global interaction.

“A Digital Business Ecosytem or Innovation Ecosystem results from the structurally coupled and co-evolving digital ecosystem and business ecosystem. A network of digital ecosystems, will offer opportunities of participation in the global economy to SMEs and to less developed or remote areas. These new forms of dynamic business interactions and global co-operation among organisations and business communities, enabled by digital ecosystem technologies, are deemed to foster local economic growth. This will preserve local knowledge, culture and identity and contribute to overcome the digital divide.’

The current Digital Ecosystem could evolve following diferent scenario. The video presents three scenarios envisaged by the World Economic Forum:

View the video: Envisioning the future of the digital ecosystem

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