Urenio Watch Watch: Innovation Measurement

World Knowledge Competitiveness Index 2008

The report, written by Robert Huggins, Hiro Izushi, Will Davies, and Luo Shougui, represents the fifth edition of the World Knowledge Competitiveness Index (WKCI), the first composite and relative measure of the knowledge economies of the world’ s leading regions.

The WKCI is an integrated and overall benchmark of the knowledge capacity, capability and sustainability of each region, and the extent to which this knowledge is translated into economic value, and transferred into the wealth of the citizens of each region.

The competitiveness of a region depends on its ability to anticipate and successfully adapt to internal and external economic and social challenges, by providing new economic opportunities, including higher quality jobs.

The conceptual model employed to analyse regional knowledge economies, as illustrated by Figure 1.1, is a multi-linked cycle model representing knowledge creation and utilisation as well as capacity building. The model reflects the latest thinking on the innovation process, which sees it as a process whereby agents in different domains (e.g. departments/divisions of private firms, universities,
research laboratories and governments) interact with one another through feedback loops. We extend this thinking to the regional level and add a component that reproduces and sustains the whole system’ s innovative capacity.

Download the report: http://www.cforic.org/downloads.php