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Video: Origins of Silicon Valley and Defense Intelligence

Silicon Valley moved through  several overlapping waves of innovation, the defense wave, integrated circuits wave, personal computers wave, the internet wave.  The  video is about the origins of the new “university-industry collaboration” development model introduced by Fredrick Terman,  which  can be traced back to a series  of defense research investments and military intelligence projects. After  WWII    Terman comes to Stanford and sets up a series of military research labs and facilities,  reassembles the RRL at Stanford,  sets up the Electronic Research Lab, brings the first Office of Naval Research  in 1946,  and  Stanford University becomes a full partner of the military – industrial complex. Thus starts a story of university-industry cooperation, and opening of the university to startups, consulting, patents, and the other ingredients of the university-entrepreneurial partnership.

 Source: Google TechTalks

View the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFSPHfZQpIQ