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Intelligent Incubator: Blueprints

With the conclusion of the MEDICUBE project, an INTEREG IIIB ‘“ ARCHI MED program that aims to create a fertile innovation environment inside incubators, a blueprint was produced informing about the  online platform facilitating key innovation processes  of incubators.

The platform is mainly web based and its users are both the incubators and their tenants. It includes four on-line tools that each incubator can adopt, install, and customise:

  • Technology and market watch
  • New product development
  • Innovation marketing
  • Incubation management digital platform

The blueprint is available in english, french, and italian:

Blueprint (English, 1,3MB):  medi-cube_eng

Blueprint (French, 0,9MB): medicube_blueprintfr

Blueprint (Italian, 0,9MB): medicube_blueprintit

More: MEDICUBE website