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Intelligent Birmingham

Digital Birmingham is a city-wide partnership helping Birmingham make the transition from an industrial city to a digital city in order to increase prosperity, knowledge and quality of life of its citizens. Initially set up by Birmingham City Council and BT it now has many leading national and regional partners on board including the BBC, Birmingham Post & Mail, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry and many more.

Intelligent cities is the latest of series of projects including Virtual Birmingham, Connected Urban Development, Universal Home Access, Birmingham Xchange, and Birmingham’s Living Lab, which are designed to encourage people, business and communities to gain the benefits of digital technologies.

Digital Birmingham are working with Microsoft, Coventry University and Birmingham City Council to establish Birmingham as the first UK ‘Intelligent City’ able to showcase new & innovative applications and to act as a central R&D test bed for new application development.

The Intelligent City Proof of Concept is about an interoperable Intelligent technology platform focusing on Intelligent Transport. The objectives include demonstrating the Intelligent Cities vision for Birmingham and creating a service layer platform integrated with existing data / services, managing journeys across devices and modes of transport, empowering individuals to make more informed, smarter choices, and describing the impact on travel patterns, and economic and environmental issues.

Source: The Intelligent City Programme