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World Conference on Science & Technology Parks

The 2009 International Association of Science Parks (IASP) World Conference has been organized, from June 1st to June 4th, 2009, by the Research Triangle Park. The conference’ s official theme was “Future Knowledge Ecosystems: The Opportunity for Science and Technology Parks, Places & Partners’

IASP defines Science Park as an organisation managed by specialised professionals, whose main aim is to increase the wealth of its community by promoting the culture of innovation and the competitiveness of its associated businesses and knowledge-based institutions.

To reach these goals a Science Park stimulates and manages the flow of knowledge and technology amongst Universities, R&D institutions, companies and markets; facilitates the creation and growth of innovation-based companies through incubation and spin-off proceses; and provides other value-added services as well as high quality space and facilities.

Conference Sessions

  • Future Knowledge Ecosystems: The Next Twenty Years ‘“ Based Economic Development
  • Characteristics of Competitive Places: Changing Models of Economic Dynamism
  • Entrepreneurs: Next Generation Partnerships
  • Beyond Borders: The Geography for Innovation
  • Going Green: Building a Sustainable Future
  • Getting Started: Valuable Experiences for Newcomers to Science Parks and Innovation Centers
  • Contributing to Regional Competitiveness & Impact
  • Creating New Partnerships to Enhance Innovation
  • The Built Environment
  • Breaking Barriers: Leveraging Non-Traditional Connections
  • Gearing up for Next Generation Knowledge Workers
  • Tech-Led Development Solutions for Economic Recovery and Resiliency
  • 21st Century Cutting Edge Life Science Acceleration Models
  • Accessing Tech Resources: Navigating New Technology
  • Attracting and Retaining Talent in the Global Economy
  • Transforming Regional Economies: Models for Leveraging Current Challenges

Conference papers, presentations and videos are available for download.