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The Future of Innovation

The Future of Innovation is a collaborative project where over 350 leading thinkers from business, government, consulting and academia from around the globe share their thoughts, experiences,   visions, concerns, and passions around The Future of Innovation, providing   with insights into tomorrow’ s innovation agenda.

According to Dr Bettina von Stamm and Dr Anna Trifilova, project leaders, “The Future of Innovation” is a little bit like a ‘˜Wikipedia’ for the next frontier of innovation. It is a must-have for everyone in the field of innovation, a snapshot of different view points, one of the most exciting innovation initiatives, the most wonderful journey, and even an innovation in itself. The Future of Innovation, book and website, has something in store for each of you:

  • For the academics amongst you we hope that the book will provide you with some insights into where you might like to focus future research;
  • For those of you in industry we hope that the book and website provide you with starting points for your innovation agenda, and introduce you to new models, frameworks and ways of thinking around innovation;
  • For the consultants among you we believe that here you can find the seeds for exciting new fields in which to create new areas of expertise;
  • For those of you from the public sector this website and the book can alert you to leading edge advancements and thinking that you may want to take into consideration for the development of policies, infrastructure and support.

Visitors are invited to join to the community by commenting on individual contributions, communicating directly with contributors, and submitting their own thoughts and dreams for The Future of Innovation.


The Future of Innovation

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