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Knowledge Cities Summit-2

2nd Know cities summitOrganized by the Shenzhen Municipal People’ s Government, World Capital Institute and the New Club of Paris, the Second Knowledge Cities Summit will be held in 2009 to continue promoting global knowledge exchange and socialization. The Knowledge Management Research Centre of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Shenzhen Graduate School of the Harbin Institute of Technology and the Shenzhen Academy of Social Sciences will host the Summit in 2009 at Shenzhen.

Tracks and sessions include:

  • TRACK A: Knowledge and Social Capital in Countries and Cities
  • TRACK B: Intellectual Capital and Innovation
  • TRACK C: Knowledge Enterprise & Organisations
  • TRACK D: Future Centre and Learning Communities
  • SPECIAL SESSION: Knowledge Cities in the MENA Region
  • SPECIAL SESSION: Ubiquitous-Eco Cities
  • SPECIAL SESSION: Innovative Cities in Global Competition
  • SPECIAL SESSION: Knowledge Management in Taiwan

Source: Second Knowledge Cities Summit – Schenzhen