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Project 10 to the 100th

project10tothe100Google’s Project 10100 (pronounced “Project 10 to the 100th”) is a call for ideas to change the world, in the hope of helping as many people as possible.

Google has launched this project on the occasion of its 10th birthday.

According to the company “never in history have so many people had so much information, so many tools at their disposal, so many ways of making good ideas come to life. Yet at the same time, so many people, of all walks of life, could use so much help, in both little ways and big. In the midst of this, new studies are reinforcing the simple wisdom that beyond a certain very basic level of material wealth, the only thing that increases individual happiness over time is helping other people.’

154,000 ideas have been submitted during September ‘“ October 2008 in the following categories:

  • Community: How can we help connect people, build communities and protect unique cultures?
  • Opportunity: How can we help people better provide for themselves and their families?
  • Energy: How can we help move the world toward safe, clean, inexpensive energy?

  • Environment: How can we help promote a cleaner and more sustainable global ecosystem?
  • Health: How can we help individuals lead longer, healthier lives?
  • Education: How can we help more people get more access to better education?
  • Shelter: How can we help ensure that everyone has a safe place to live?
  • Everything else: Sometimes the best ideas don’t fit into any category at all.

Google reviewed each idea and posted a selection of the 16 top ideas; now it’s up to the public, to choose the ideas you think are the best. Then an advisory board will select up to five final ideas for funding.

The company is committing $10 million to implement these projects, and its goal is to help as many people as possible. Although money may provide a jumpstart the idea is the thing.

People can vote on ideas from September 24 through October 8, 2009.


Project 10100