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EU clean energy with ‘smart cities’

Smart GridThe EU’s plan for leadership in green technologies will focus on a network of “smart cities” which will demonstrate renewable and other low-carbon energies in Europe. The recommendations are featured in a draft communication setting out funding for the EU’s Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan).

“Smart Cities will be the nuclei from which smart networks, a new generation of buildings and alternative transport means, will develop into Europe-wide realities that will transform our energy system”. The cities would become champions of energy efficiency and renewable energy, where electric cars are fuelled with renewables produced in the buildings for their electricity needs. The Commission hopes to start with ” low-carbon zones” and move onto low-carbon cities and regions.

The plan envisages 25 to 30 “smart cities” — highly insulated cities that glean energy from their waste and the sun and wind overhead and channel it down to the electric cars, trams and buses in the streets below.

Download:  SET Plan


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