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The Smart21 Communities of 2010

The Smart21 CommunitiesThe Intelligent Community Forum (IFC) announced its annual list of the Smart21 Communities of the year 2010. The list highlights communities from 13 nations and includes 10 that appeared on last year’ s list. One American state, Virginia, contributed three communities to the list. There were one Chinese and two Australian communities on the list, as well as three from Canada, which has had more communities named by ICF than any other nation.

No community in this year’ s rankings has over 2.5 million inhabitants. One community, Dundee, Scotland, returned to the list after a one-year absence. Dundee was named to the ICF’ s Top Seven list in both 2007 and 2008.


The 2010 Smart21 Communities in alphabetical order:

  • Arlington County, Virginia USA; population: 210,000
  • Ballarat, Australia; population: 88,000
  • Besançon, France; population: 122,000
  • Bristol, Virginia, USA; population: 17,590
  • Dakota County, Minnesota, USA; population: 398,500
  • Danville, Virginia, USA; population: 42,000
  • Dublin, Ohio, USA; population: 40,000
  • Dundee, Scotland; population: 142,000
  • Eindhoven, The Netherlands; population: 733,000
  • Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia; population: 500,000
  • Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada; population: 65,000
  • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; population: 1,148,000
  • Porto Alegre, Brazil; population: 1,416,000
  • Riverside, California, USA; population: 296,800
  • Suwon, Korea; population: 52,000
  • Tallinn, Estonia; population: 404,000
  • Taoyuan County, Taiwan; population: 1,970,000
  • Tel Aviv, Israel; population: 391,300
  • Tianjin Binhai, China; population: 2,020,000
  • Trikala, Greece; population 51,900
  • Windsor-Essex, Ontario, Canada; population: 393,400


The Smart21 Communities of 2010