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IBM on Creating the Intelligent Enterprise

ibm-biThe IBM Institute for Business Value publishes two business analytics and optimization studies aiming to help organizations to find how, driven by intelligence rather than intuition, can gain speed, agility and timing to execute winning maneuvers.

In the first study, “Business Analytics and Optimization for the Intelligent Enterprise,” business leaders said that they frequently lacked information needed to make critical decisions. One-half said they didn’t have access to information required to do their jobs, or the ability to close information gaps to support business objectives.

In the second study, “Breaking Away with Business Analytics and Optimization: Enterprise Operations Meet New Intelligence,” IBM surveyed business leaders worldwide about their use of information and the application of business intelligence. It is found that twice as many top performing companies as lower performers display three basic characteristics that support enterprise intelligence:

  1. Aware. Able to gather and use information from inside and outside the enterprise.
  2. Precise. Able to sort through and extract the most relevant aspects of information.
  3. Linked. Able to align information with business objectives across functions.

Further, those with breakaway capabilities exhibited three additional differentiating characteristics:

  1. Challenging. Able to disrupt the status quo in their organization, creating an environment more receptive to innovation, and bolder in its application of new insights and intelligence.
  2. Anticipating. Able to predict and prepare in advance of anticipated events by evaluating business outcomes and trade-offs proactively to optimize their organizations in pursuit of new objectives.
  3. Empowering. Able to give employees authority to use information, make decisions and act on their insights to drive change.