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Amsterdam Smart City

Amsterdam Smart City is a collaboration betweeen the people of Amsterdam, local businesses, and the government to test innovative projects related to energy. The initiative started by the Liander and the Amsterdam Innovation Motor with main objectives energy efficiency, use of green energy, and CO2 reduction.

Amsterdam Smart City Focuses on innovative technology combined with organizational agreements and the participation of the residents. All initiatives are designed as economically sustainable and the benefits are tested in local -small scale projects:

  • The WEST ORANGE PROJECT makes people aware of their energy use. 500 households in Amsterdam will test a new innovative energy management system, informing about the energy consumption by appliance, with the objective of reducing energy consumption by 14%. The same is the expected CO2-reduction.
  • The GEUZENVELD PROJECT will supply 700 rented and owned homes with smart meters and a energy-feedback display. Information and awareness are expected to lead energy reduction.
  • The ITO TOWER project focuses on large office buildings and large energy users. The project will examine which technologies and cooperation agreements are most efficient to make office buildings more energy sustainable.
  • The SHIP TO GRID PROJECT will provide shore power connections for ships that use a pay-by-telephone system, allowing green energy to replace polluting diesel generators onboard.
  • The CLIMATE STREET project focuses on logistics, entrepreneurs and the public space, examining which technologies, cooperative agreements, and practices are most promising to make city’s shopping streets more sustainable.

Source: Amsterdam Smart City