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The Essential Startup Reader

Om Malic has published, in GigaOm blog, a short list of 10 articles by the startup luminaries such as Paul Graham, that encapsulate the art of the startup. Most of the list’s articles were published during 2009, and they are educational and full of practical tips that entrepreneurs can apply to their business.

  1. “What Startups Are Really Like’ by Paul Graham
  2. “Milestones to Startup Success’ by Sean Ellis
  3. Myth: Entrepreneurship Will Make You Rich’ by Eric Ries
  4. “What Is the Minimum Viable Product?’ by Venture Hacks
  5. “The Power of Continuous Improvement’ by Mike Speiser
  6. “Getting Comfortable With People Who Make You Uncomfortable’ by Mike Speiser
  7. “The Funnel Principle: Software & Making Money’ by Tony Wright
  8. “Does Every Startup Need a Steve Jobs?’ by Andrew Chen
  9. “Designing for Social Traction’ by Josh Porter
  10. “Startup Killer: The Cost of Customer Acquisition’ by David Skok


The Essential Startup Reader: 10 Lessons in Entrepreneurship – GigaOM