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World’s Most Liveable Cities

The Winter Olympics’ host city of Vancouver continues to top the Economist Intelligence Unit’s global liveability survey. European and North American cities continue to dominate the top tier of the ranking, alongside cities in Australia and New Zealand.

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s liveability survey assesses living conditions in 140 cities around the world. A rating of relative comfort for 30 indicators is assigned across five broad categories: stability; healthcare; culture and environment; education; and infrastructure. The survey gives an overall rating of 0-100, where 1 is intolerable and 100 is ideal.

Vancouver (Canada) still sits atop the global ranking, with the city offering an excellent infrastructure and low crime levels ahead of playing host to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Despite controversy surrounding the growing number of homeless people in Vancouver, particularly proposals to force people into shelters during the Olympics, general liveability levels are high. Visitors will benefit from good transport links and broad cultural and recreational availability, notably the Olympics themselves although, as with any large event in any large city, there is still some prevalence of petty crime.


Economist Intelligence Unit – Global liveability report

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