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The Digital Community of the Future

The latest issue of Digital Communities magazine is available for download. Launched by Government Technology and the Center for Digital Government the magazine and portal are supported by a collaborative network of local government leaders and private sector technology partners meeting the 21st century technology challenges of cities, counties and regions.

Table of contents

  • The Digital Community of the Future, by Blake Harris
    Harnessing digital power is key to effectively tackling 21st-century challenges.
  • Social Capital: Technology’s Impact on Society, by Robert Bell.
    Social scientists shed new light on the relationship between broadband and community development.
  • New York City’s Connected City Initiative, by Tod Newcombe, Editor
    New York City CIO Paul Cosgrave outlines new technology initiatives.
  • San Jose, Calif.’s Wikiplanning Project on Course, by Chad Vander Veen, Associate Editor
    Three-month effort aims to involve citizens in city planning.
  • Houston High School Trains Students as 911 Phone Operators, by Hilton Collins
    A unique high school curriculum offers Houston students a career path in law enforcement and criminal justice.
  • Cities Use RFID and Bar Codes in Recycling Incentive Program, by Elaine Rundle
    Michigan and Florida cities offer residents coupons and discounts in exchange for recycling
  • Thoughtful Criticism of Government Is a Vital Part of the Democratic Process (Opinion), by Todd Sander, Director Digital Communities
    Rumors and disinformation shouldn’t replace data, facts and well reasoned thoughts in political engagement.