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Social networks are more robust than their critics think, though not every site will prosper, and that social-networking technologies are creating considerable benefits for the businesses that embrace them, whatever their size, according to the Economist special report on social networking. The report contends that this is just the beginning of an exciting new era of global interconnectedness that will spread ideas and innovations around the world faster than ever before.

But, while “fans claim that new social-networking offerings now being developed for the corporate world will create huge benefits for businesses’, many companies remain skeptical “There is plenty of doubt about the benefits of online social networking in the office. A survey of 1,400 chief information officers found that the executives’ biggest concern was that social networking would lead to social notworking, with employees using the sites to chat with friends instead of doing their jobs. Some bosses also fretted that the sites would be used to leak sensitive corporate information.’

The Economist special report examines these issues in detail.

Articles in the Special Report


The Economist: A special report on social networking (PDF file)

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