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The Emerging Transition To Social Business Models

Dion Hinchcliffe created a new core visual for thinking about social business models. This visual captures the fundamental shifts that are happening in the global marketplace today, in particular social business, including the following fundamental transitions:

Non-Social Interaction --> Pervasive Social Interaction
Value in Transactions --> Value in Relationships
Business Stability --> Business Flux
Well-Defined Industries --> Industry Transformation
One-Way (1.0) Markets --> Two-Way (2.0) Markets
Limited Information --> Information Abundance
Resource Abundance --> Resource Constraints

Hinchcliffe believes that the shifts above are being driven by the following forces:

  • Ambient communication – Today, everyone can talk to anyone, just about anywhere for nearly (thought not at) at zero cost.
  • Global information flows – The largest, fastest growing, and most freely flowing source of information available is the Internet. This trend will only continue into the future as all information platforms move online.
  • Social computing – Social models for communication, collaboration, and business are proving to be more effective and fundamentally better than non-social ones.
  • Market discontinuity – There is both space and demand for major changes in the way we do things in business today.

Dion Hinchcliffe is founder and chief technology officer for the Enterprise Web 2.0 advisory and consulting firm Hinchcliffe & Company, based in Alexandria, Virginia.


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