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Nokia’ s Design by Community Project

Nokia’ s Design by Community project is trying to capture the collective thoughts of users to define the ultimate concept mobile device.

Nokia has created a series of steps and every week it will put new variables to the public vote. Once the product specs have been defined, the Nokia’ s design team will turn them into a series of concept sketches which users vote for. The winner will be turned into a design concept render and revealed exclusively on company’ s Conversations blog in May.

The plan isn’ t to actually make the product, this is more an exercise in collaboration sprinkled with some future thinking.

The users can vote on the following mobile phone characteristics:

  1. Display and user interface
  2. Size and shape
  3. Materials
  4. Operating system
  5. Connectivity
  6. Camera
  7. Enhancements

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Design by Community ‘“ creating the ultimate concept device