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IBM: Futute Visions About Smart Cities

In “Cities: Our journey to a smarter future” IBM unveils the company’s vision for UK and Irish cities through a collection of videos examining the challenges facing the cities today. In these videos experts and city officials talk about their plans to create the change necessary to help the cities deliver the services, safety and infrastructure that their citizens need.

The videos

Introducing ‘The Smarter City’ (1)


In this, the first film, the vision of a Smarter City is introduced. The film centres around the city as a system of systems, with the citizen being at the heart of each of these. It is only when the different city constituents collaborate that this progress will come about.

The Living City (2)


This second film further develops the concept of smarter cities. Initially, the focus is on smarter healthcare and how as cities become increasingly populated, the way in which health and social care is administered must change. The second half of the film highlights the need for an educated workforce; in essence, smarter citizens will lead to the creation of a smarter city.

Powering the City (3)


The third film in the series shifts focus to the supply, production and management of energy and water. Why must cities implement a smarter energy system? This film explores this very question.

City in Motion (4)


Congestion charging, electric vehicles, traffic management and improved bus and train services are all changing the face of transport – but how do we continue leveraging these new advances with fewer resources and a growing city population?

Developing the City (5)


The office buildings we inhabit, working patterns and the nature of inward investment are all changing. This film explores how as we focus on the city as a place of work and centre for business.

City of Dreams ‘“ available in 2D and 3D (6)


Watch the 3D version (Best viewed in HD)

For the final film in the series, we change pace and look to the future, providing a glimpse of what promises to be a Decade of Smart in the social and economic development of the city. In 10 years’ time, our cities are likely to have changed significantly. In this film, all of our contributors, along with members of the public, discuss how they see their city changing and what we can look forward to and come to expect in the future.


IBM – Cities: Our journey to a smarter future