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Video: John Underkoffler on real world UI

John Underkoffler explores some ideas about the future of user interface on 3D space, which is a key issue for intelligent / smart cities. The web, he says, is a fantastic interface, but also a kind of distraction; we have forgotten to invent new interfaces. What happens next? where we go from here?

The future he argues is on three dimensional interfaces: physical space; real world geometry; co-located input and output spaces; mix of real world and simulation; combination of tabular data with three dimensional and geospatial information.

Three dimensional interactions are collective interactions. One human ‘“ one machine ‘“ one mouse ‘“ one screen is the old way. In real world people collaborate, work together on many displays.

John Underkoffler is the founder of Oblong Industries, which is building apps for aerospace, bioinformatics, video editing. His big vision is ubiquity: g-speak on every laptop, every desktop, every microwave oven, TV, dashboard. Before founding Oblong, Underkoffler spent 15 years at MIT’s Media Laboratory, working in holography, animation and visualization techniques.

Source: TED