Urenio Watch Watch: Innovation Strategies

SMEs, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Small firms are playing an ever-increasing role in innovation, driven by changes in technologies and markets. This OECD book explores how government policy can boost innovation by improving the environment for entrepreneurship and small firm development and increasing the innovative capacities of enterprises.

Policy findings and recommendations are presented in three key areas: embedding firms in knowledge flows; developing entrepreneurship skills; and social entrepreneurship. In addition, country notes present statistics and policy data on SMEs, entrepreneurship and innovation for 40 economies, including OECD countries, Brazil, China, Estonia, Indonesia, Israel, the Russian Federation, Slovenia and South Africa.

Table of contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 Introduction
What is new about innovation in the 21st Century?
What is the role of SMEs and entrepreneurship in innovation?
Policy implications
Plan of the book

Chapter 2 SMEs, Entrepreneurship and Innovation: An Overview by Country
All 30 OECD members plus accession and enlargement countries: Brazil, Chile, China, Estonia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Russian Federation, Slovenia, South Africa.

Chapter 3 Knowledge Flows
How knowledge affects entrepreneurship
The systemic approach to innovation
The geographical clustering of knowledge-intensive activities
The role of local knowledge flows for spatial agglomerations and local innovation systems
The role of global knowledge flows for local innovation systems
Conclusions and policy recommendations

Chapter 4 Entrepreneurship Skills
The importance of entrepreneurship skills for SMEs and start-ups
Skills for entrepreneurship
How are entrepreneurship skills acquired?
Local skills ecosystems
Policy recommendations

Chapter 5 Social Entrepreneurship And Social Innovation
Social entrepreneurship
Social innovation
Preliminary recommendations

SMEs, Entrepreneurship and Innovation is part of the OECD Innovation Strategy, a comprehensive policy strategy to harness innovation for stronger and more sustainable growth and development, and to address the key global challenges of the 21st century.


OECD Studies on SMEs and Entrepreneurship: SMEs, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (PDF document)