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Neapolis Smart Ecocity, Cyprus

Leptos Group, a leading property developer in Cyprus, announced the start of a Smart Eco City project . The project is an integrated urban mixed-use scheme located on a 1.1 million square meter site in Pafos, Cyprus with an approved masterplan for 520.000 building coefficient sq. meters of development.

The development will include six separate districts: Health park; University campus; Innovation and Research Center; Commerce and Business Park; Housing complex; and Central park / gardens. See Interactive Map

Neapolis will use a single “Intelligence Platform” to accommodate the use of new green technologies, the latest in digital applications and sustainable town infrastructure solutions. Some of the unique features of the Platform include: an intelligent utilities network employing integrated Smart energy, water and waste grids with Smart meters in every home and business; a Smart web wireless search engine available in all public spaces and homes through a single Ethernet environment, and self-sustainable and eco-friendly living with 25% of energy to be generated from indigenous sources such as geothermal and solar power.

The project concept of Intelligent EcoCity was developed in cooperation to the consulting company, EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd.


Source: Neapolis Smart Ecocity