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100 Fastest Cities Worldwide

High-speed broadband has become a phenomenon of densely-populated Asian cities, which now account for 74 of the top 100 global cities offering fast connections according to Akamai’s latest State of the Internet report. Once again, Masan, South Korea held the title as the city with the fastest average connection speed.

Cities in Asia dominate the Global Average Connection Speeds top 100 list, with 62 located in Japan, 12 more in South Korea, and Hong Kong. Ten cities from North America made it into the top 100, along with 15 cities in Europe.

Masan’ s average speed increased by more than 5 Mbps quarterover-quarter, making it the only city in the world with an average connection speed higher than 20 Mbps. Twenty other cities, however, achieved average connection speeds in excess of 10 Mbps. These cities were mostly in South Korea and Japan, though Europe’ s fastest city (Umea, Sweden) was in that group as well.

Yokohama, Japan fell just short, missing the 10 Mbps threshold by just under 1 Kbps. Umea, Sweden, had an average connection speed of 10.3 Mbps, up from 9.8 Mbps in the first quarter.

In North America, the fastest city was Victoria, British Columbia at 7.2 Mbps, down from 7.8 Mbps in the first quarter. In the United States, Monterey Park, CA remained the fastest city, with an average connection speed of 6.9 Mbps, down from 7.2 Mbps in the first quarter.

View Top 100 Global Cities with Average Measured Connection Speed.

Each quarter, Akamai examines the average measured connection speed of cities around the world. Cities were evaluated if they had at least 50,000 unique IP addresses connecting to Akamai. University networks were excluded so as to ensure the most accurate representation of a ‘city.’


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