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Smarter Cities Challenge

IBM inaugurated Smarter Cities Challenge is a 3-year IBM Corporate Citizenship initiative to enable up to 100 cities around the world to become smarter by enhancing their capacity to collect, analyze and act upon information across multiple core systems; to apply data-driven system of systems analysis to the key problems facing cities; to create an environment where global cities can learn from one another; and to foster cross-sector partnerships that address critical challenges, enabling cities around the world to become more vibrant and livable places for their citizens.

Each city participating in the Challenge will receive a donation of IBM services and/or technology valued at $250,000-$400,000 USD to address a specific problem or opportunity selected by the city in collaboration with IBM. IBM shall, in its sole discretion, select the cities to receive the Smarter Cities grants.

The donation will be primarily in the form of talent ‘“ the time and expertise of top performing IBMers from different functions and locations, who will work closely with city leaders to deliver recommendations on the selected issue.


Cities around the world are invited to apply for the Smarter Cities Challenge. As IBM looks to maximize the impact of these grants, cities with pressing concerns, commitment to publicly available data and a track record of innovative problem solving will be strong candidates for the grants. The company anticipates that the grant will have the greatest impact on cities with populations of 100,000 to 700,000, but cities of any size that are well positioned to utilize the resources offered in the Smarter Cities Challenge are welcome to apply.

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