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Smarter cities

The Guardian in assosiation with IBM published a series of articles concerning the ‘˜smart’ urban environment of the future. The articles examine characteristics of our daily life in a future smart city, initiatives taken by urban centers, and views of representatives from a list of European cities.

Getting smart cities connected

A crucial component for the achievement of high-tech, sustainable and smart cities of the future is partnership. Smart partnerships between local authorities, utilities, universities and the private sector will help bring together different expertise from different actors in order to tackle issues ranging from housing, to skills development and transport.

Forty years from now

The article provides a glimpse in the daily life of people living in a smart city 40 years from now. Life at home will be organized with the help of a domestic computer network, which will arrange house supplies, it will inform about virtual appointments and will also be connected to the local authority, transport system and health care. Shopping and health checks can be made on line, holographic screens will transform rooms into virtual clubs and work will be mostly made from home.

Five routes to the future

Nice, Medellin, Songdo, Portland and Coventry are five urban centres with a common vision and new ideas for becoming ‘˜smarter’ . The initiatives examined here include cable cars and smart phone technology and they can be applied to a wide variety of our day-life functions.

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Source: The Guardian