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Sensors, Information and the Future of Cities

“The Future of Cities, Information, and Inclusion” published by the Institute for the Future with support of The Rockefeller Foundation is a ten-year foresight that maps intersections between urbanization and digitalization.

New technologies are expected to unlock massive streams of data about cities and their residents, turning cities into civic laboratories (Living Labs) where technology is adapted in novel ways to meet local needs. The next decade will be a period of rapid expansion in the supply of urban data and increasing sophistication in its use. The supply will expand as inexpensive sensors increase the kinds of indicators that can be measured, and the level of detail.

New tensions will arise by these information flows: market growth vs. inclusive planning; security of personal data; cooperation vs. offloading; economic vs. knowledge gap. The Institute for the Future created this 2020 Forecast (A Planet of Civic Laboratories) to highlight future innovations that will harness urban data to reduce poverty and promote inclusion. Authors are: Anthony Townsend, Rachel Maguire, Mike Liebhold, and Mathias Crawford.

Forecast Map: The Future of Cities – Smart Cities Battles

Source: Rockefeller Foundation