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The 10 Smartest Cities on the Planet

From India to Iowa, Fast Company takes a look at the new wave of cities wired for information, communication, sustainability, and efficiency–and the corporations powering them. The first place of the 10 Smartest Cities list goes to Songdo City, in South Korea.

“The world’ s most expensive privately developed city (cost: $35 billion and climbing) is also the flagship of Cisco’ s Smart + Connected Communities initiative, which some analysts believe will eventually propel the company to an incredible $100 billion in revenue. The instant city was the star of Cisco’ s pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai this summer, which hosted seemingly every mayor in China. Songdo will be the test bed Cisco’ s vision of ubiquitious telepresence ‘“ several thousand homes are being equipped with interactive, two-way screens.”

The list contains the following cities:

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Fast Company – The 10 Smartest Cities on the Planet

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