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Megacities on the Move

Megacities on the move presents four vivid scenarios exploring exploring how population growth, the energy we use, the strength or weakness of global institutions and other factors will shape our cities in 2040 and the way we access goods, services, information and other people.

Megacities on the move project sets out to find solutions to one of the biggest challenges ‘“ how billions of city-dwellers can access what they need without putting intolerable strains on the planet. It focuses on how to achieve sustainable urban mobility, looking at all the ways in which people will access goods, services and information and make contact with each other. It goes beyond transport to consider ICT solutions, innovative urban design and much more.

Forum for the Future, working in partnership with Vodafone, the FIA Foundation and EMBARQ, has produced a practical toolkit to help public bodies, companies and civil society organisations understand and plan for the mobility challenges of the future. It is designed to encourage action now and stimulate innovative products and services.

They have created four scenarios exploring urban mobility in the year 2040, taking into account resource shortages, climate change, demographic trends and other major factors which will shape our future, and drawing on interviews with more than 40 experts from around the world. 2040 is been chosen because urban infrastructure is generally planned, built and used over decades. Looking at the challenges we may face in 30 years provides enough time to plan for and deliver a whole new generation of more sustainable solutions.

Forum for the Future’ s scenarios are not predictions or depictions of desirable futures which we wish to promote, and they do not represent our vision of a sustainable future. They are pictures of different possible futures, designed to help people understand the major trends that are shaping our world. They aim to challenge, inspire and excite, so that people feel motivated to plan for a better, more sustainable future.

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