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LEED Automation

LoraxPRO is an online collaborative tool aim to simplify many aspects of the LEED certification process. The tool has developed in collaboration with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), developers of the LEED green building program.

Back in November 2010, USGBC announced LEED Automation, a new program in collaboration with leading technology companies that is designed to streamline and create capacity for the LEED building certification process. LEED Automation enables LEED Online, the online tool projects use to submit documentation and certify LEED projects, to interact with third party technology platforms.

The LoraxPro platform supports the project team’ s LEED certification objectives as they pursue a green building project by:

1. Increasing collaboration among all project members
2. Reducing billable time costs
3. Preserving consistent data across all LEED credit calculations
4. Developing a credit and task-based accountability system
5. Educating the project team on green building aspects
6. Maintaining a strong client focus via project update reports

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