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McKinsey’s What Matters website has published new content related to smart / intelligent cities: “Talking back to your intelligent city”, by Saskia Sassen and an audio interview with Ayesha Khanna.

Talking back to your intelligent city, by Saskia Sassen
Rather than retrofitting old cities, the buzz today is about building entire smart cities from scratch in a matter of a few years.
An audio interview with Ayesha Khanna
As the world urbanizes, the first smart cities with state-of-the-art networking and monitoring technology are beginning to open for business. To find out what life will be like in a place where everything from your health stats to your workplace is constantly monitored, we turned to Ayesha Khanna, managing partner of Hybrid Realities, an advisory firm that specializes in analyzing emerging-market and technology trends. Khanna, who recently visited South Korea’ s Songdo International Business District, spoke with Mary Kuntz, managing editor of McKinsey’ s What Matters.

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