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2010 US States Technology and Science Index

The US State Technology and Science Index, published by Milken Institute, provides a nationwide benchmark for states to assess their science and technology capabilities, and whether they have the ecosystems for converting those capabilities into companies and high-paying jobs.

The overall index is based on 79 unique indicators that are categorized into five major components:

  • Human Capital Investment
  • Research and Development Inputs
  • Risk Capital and Entrepreneurial Infrastructure
  • Technology and Science Work Force
  • Technology Concentration and Dynamism

Highlights of the 2010 index

The top ten (with previous Index rankings in 2008):

  1. Massachusetts (1)
  2. Maryland (2)
  3. Colorado (3)
  4. California (4)
  5. Utah (8)
  6. Washington (5)
  7. New Hampshire (9)
  8. Virginia (6)
  9. Connecticut (7)
  10. Delaware (14)

  • Massachusetts continued its reign with an overall score of 82.61, but has slipped from 84.9 in our inaugural 2002 index. Massachusetts is a breeding ground of research with world-renowned universities and cutting-edge firms fueling its economy.
  • Maryland, second overall with a score of 77.05, trailed Massachusetts in research and development inputs but took first in human capital capacity. The state ranked first in academic R&D per capita, thanks largely to Johns Hopkins University being the top recipient of NIH funding in the country.
  • Colorado maintained the same position as in 2008, third overall, and was second in technology concentration and dynamism.
  • California, holding steady at fourth, remained a national leader in technology-derived economic development, but measures of human capital continued to fall.
  • Utah climbed three places to fifth this year. Utah retained its throne as the top-ranked state in technology concentration and dynamism. Risk capital availability has improved in the state.
  • Rounding out the top 10 are Washington (sixth), New Hampshire (seventh), Virginia (eighth), Connecticut (ninth), and newcomer Delaware (10th).
  • Alaska and Ohio had the greatest improvement in ranking (both seven), followed by Indiana, North Carolina (both five), and Delaware (four).

More info

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