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Birmingham: Stories from a digital city

The ‘˜Birmingham: Stories from a digital city’˜ publication is a collection of interviews, stories and features capturing the role digital media is playing in the city ‘“ across business, public services, education and in communities. The Birmingham, UK’ s second biggest city, is a leading digital city and recently has been recognised as one of the world’ s 21 top ‘˜intelligent communities’ for 2011.

The driving force behind these achievements is Digital Birmingham. Digital Birmingham is a Birmingham City Council initiative and a strategic partnership of private, voluntary and public organisations throughout the city. It aims to ensure Birmingham is widely recognised as a leading European digital city and ensure that the benefits of digital technologies are available to all in the city.

The partnership has grown to over 40 members that include BT, BBC, Microsoft, BPM Media, three Birmingham universities, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, Primary Care Trusts, Deloitte and Centro.

Digital Birmingham projects focus on the following five key priorities:

  • Stimulating economic growth and inward investment
  • Delivering a green, sustainable and efficient city
  • Growing citizen participation
  • Influencing policy and strategy
  • Profiling the city’s digital credentials

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