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Building and Managing an Intelligent City

“Building and Managing an Intelligent City” report, from Accenture, examines how new strategies, technologies, open platforms and effective governance can help create cities that are sustainable and attractive to ongoing development.

According to Mark Foster, Former Group Chief Executive, Accenture Management Consulting, Accenture sees an opportunity to take an end-to-end approach and, by combining clear strategy, integration, open platforms and modular solutions in a collaborative environment of partnerships, make a real difference. Many cities can begin to see the vision of intelligence and sustainability that they aspire to; our intent is to create a clear roadmap as to how to accelerate movement toward these goals. Not through technology for technology’ s sake but through wise application of business, technology and people in workable solutions.

An open platform can integrate and make interoperable the critical components of an Intelligent City

We believe the combination of technology intelligently applied to clear strategic intents by city leaders can transform and accelerate progress toward the vision of sustainable urbanization. The solutions need to be pragmatic and modular, and build on proven frameworks and architectures. The technologies are maturing fast, as is the readiness of citizens to take advantage of this progress. The blurring of home and work lives and the devices and tools that increasingly straddle these environments create huge opportunities. Green city programs are proliferating and urban planners and strategists are grappling with how to create scalable implementations of ideas that have been relatively small pilots to date.


  • Foreword
  • Building and managing an Intelligent City: Executive overview
  • Introduction: Managing the challenges of urbanization
  • Enablers of the Intelligent City
  • Intelligent City archetypes
  • Intelligent City pioneers
  • Making Amsterdam smarter: Living in an Intelligent City
  • Challenges to becoming an Intelligent City
  • Creating an open platform for effective integration and scalability of Intelligent City capabilities
  • Intelligent services
  • Conclusion: Practical considerations in creating an Intelligent City
  • About the authors

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