Urenio Watch Watch: Intelligent / Smart Cities Solutions

Smart Cities, Future Internet, Smart Santander

Most of the current ICT-based city and urban developments are deploying vertical solutions leading to an unsustainable sea of systems and market islands. This paper discusses how the recent vision of the Future Internet (FI), and its particular components, Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Services (IoS), can become building blocks to progress towards a unified urban-scale ICT platform transforming a Smart City into an open innovation platform.

The paper discusses the SmartSantander project, which represents the most challenging reference nowadays, and aims at creating a unique-in-the-world European experimental test facility for the research and experimentation of architectures, key enabling technologies, services and applications for the IoT.

Some results are presenting of generic implementations based on the ITU-T’ s Ubiquitous Sensor Network (USN) model. The referenced platform model fulfills basic principles of open, federated and trusted platforms (FOTs) at two different levels: the infrastructure level (IoT to support the complexity of heterogeneous sensors deployed in urban spaces), and at the service level (IoS as a suit of open and standardized enablers to facilitate the composition of interoperable smart city services).

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