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Amsterdam Smart City – Smart Stories 2011

This publication contains an overview of the sixteen projects and the results of Amsterdam Smart City. The projects which span in the areas of Working, Living, Mobility and Public Space were set up over a period of two years.

Amsterdam Smart City is a unique partnership between the people of Amsterdam, businesses, knowledge institutions and local authorities that was set up with the aim of showing how it is possible to save energy now and in the future.

Amsterdam Smart City could be viewed as an ‘˜accelerator’ of climate/energy programmes. By bringing parties together and by initiating projects in which smart technologies and different approaches are tested, it is possible to develop best practices for future large-scale implementation of similar initiatives.

The following are the pillars on which Amsterdam Smart City operates:

  1. Cooperation at every possible level is essential to achieve viable results. It could be a public private partnership, but it must incorporate the close involvement of the (end) user.
  2. Driven by smart technology and the need to bring about behavioural change.
  3. Knowledge exchange: All the acquired knowledge and experience will be shared via ASC
  4. Only economically viable initiatives will ultimately be rolled out on a large scale.



As director of the Amsterdam Innovation Motor I am very happy that these Smart Stories are about tangible innovative solutions. Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) proves that ICT can contribute to the challenges related to energy transition and sustainability. And according to magazines like BusinessWeek, The Economist and newspapers such as the Nikkei Times, Amsterdam has become a frontrunner in this field. Innovation can be realized by stimulating cooperation between knowledge institutions, commerce, industry and government. Exactly these organizations have accepted this challenge and cooperate in testing different initiatives in several projects in our region. Testing means gaining experience and learning about new technologies in real life situations. Based on these learnings, the Smart Stories, we can now start the next fase: scaling up fast!

Joke van Antwerpen
Director Amsterdam Innovation Motor

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