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High Speed Broadband Investment Models

The European Broadband Portal (EBP) has been tasked with the organisation of the on-line consultation of the blogosphere on the basis of a very preliminary description of the models of investment. The consultation will take place between the 1st and the 31 of May and will involve a very wide range of different stakeholders and in particular public authorities involved in the management of EU funds. The EBP has also expanded the consultation of the blogosphere through a range of social networks on much wider number of issues pertinent to the financing and facilitating broadband projects.  The result of this consultation will be consolidated and fed into the discussion and the results of the workshop on Financing and facilitating broadband projects that will take place at the Digital Agenda Assembly on the 16th of June 2011. Both, the results of this consultation and the outcome of this workshop will be posted on the European Broadband Portal as well as on the site of the Digital Agenda for Europe under Big Idea on “Bottom Up Broadband” initiative.

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